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Building at Cottage Grove

A Master-Planned Community


Unlike traditional subdivisions that have general services and recreational offerings outside of them, that were not part of the original subdivision plan, Master-Planned Communities are well thought out in advance of building and offer a tremendous amount of amenities and conveniences all built within the community itself.

Cottage Grove is an 80-acre Master-Planned Community divided into three different, naturally unique parts.

The first part is what we like to call the Meadow, where the entrance to Cottage Grove is located.  The Meadow has a total of 52 engineered lots with a mix of single- and multi-family parcels, two park areas, a connection trail to the north shore of Pelican Lake and a future commercial parcel of land.

The second part is a treed valley, which is approximately 15 acres. This treed valley is a beautiful hidden gem that bisects the Meadow and the Plateau (Part 3). The future use of this treed valley will contain additional walking/biking trails and future recreational amenities.

The Plateau rises approximately 200 feet above the Meadow and contains some of the most beautiful views in Manitoba. There are several points along the east side of the plateau where you can literally see for miles down the lake and down into the town of Ninette.  Equally as nice are the sunset and valley views from the west side of the Plateau.

The Plateau is at a conceptual design stage with a mix of residential and commercial uses, including a boutique resort with additional amenities and a central park.

Building at Cottage Grove has the following options:

  1. Purchase a lot and build a home or cottage using your own home builder
  2. Purchase a Cottage Grove Spec Home
  3. Build using Cottage Grove Partners, who manage the entire construction project on your behalf using your requirements, wants and needs.

Phase 1 – The Meadow


Phase 1 Lots

The first phase of the project consists of twelve lots. Current lot availability can be found here.

All twelve lots are located on Compass Row (Street Name), of which seven back up to a public lane, which provides convenient access to town services, boat launch, and the lakeshore.  Each of the seven lots come with mature trees lining the east side of the parcel, a copy of the subdivision plan and sewer, telephone, Internet and power availability (located in the back lane).  Lots 9 through 12 back up to the natural playground.

Phase 2

The second phase of the project includes the development of Cottage Grove’s first central park (natural playground), an additional, smaller pocket park and enhancements to the entrance to Cottage Grove.  The natural playground has been roughed in and contains a boulder mountain, water and sand area with a hand pumping station to draw water down a chute to the sand area, and a tree stump climbing and balancing area.

Note:  The remaining phase of the community will not necessarily be developed in this order.

Phase 3

Phase 3 has been engineered for single family homes.

Phase 4

Phase 4 will include the development of the recreational component within the treed valley.  Specific uses have not been finalized but may include amenities such as walking/biking trails, adventure park, zip lines, disc golf, amphitheater, boat storage and rental, restaurant and water slides.

Phase 5

Phase 5 has been engineered for single and multi-family lots, however, additional land uses may be utilized, such as RV, camping and/or park models. Additional roads, water and sewer lines, and power and telephone will be installed.

Phases 6 through 8

Phases 6 through 8 will include the development of the Plateau, which is called Mystic Heights at Cottage Grove.  The conceptual plan identifies an additional 60 lots and a commercial property reserved for a boutique resort.