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Your Partners

Professional Support


Our customer service goes above and beyond helping you purchase a lot in Cottage Grove.  Our support system allows you to choose your own home builder or to work with our professional staff to help you through every step of building your cottage/home. This includes design selection, budget preparation, choice of materials and timing the delivery to meet your construction timetable.

We can even provide an introduction to our local preferred businesses partners, such as financing, tradespeople, landscapers, interior designers, furniture stores, etc.

Artisan Home Builders

ladderOur preferred group of Builders are dedicated to creating better lives for people through the homes they build and the world we leave behind. Our objective is to help you build an outstanding cottage, as easily as possible, at an affordable price.

We achieve this by working on your behalf with our preferred building partners, using our experience and relationships to get you a better result. You get superior looks combined with floor plans designed for the modern lifestyle.

You also get the peace of mind of being able to build your home by fixing the price before you start, so you do not have to worry about escalating material prices. Getting you the best deal possible means more equity in your home for you to enjoy.


If you require financing for your lot or cottage purchase at Cottage Grove one of the benefits of using a preferred financing partner is their knowledge of our property and the existing value. Financing requires two things: approval of your financial situation and approval of the property. We have taken care of the property approval, so it’s definitely worth your time to see what Westoba Credit Union can do for you.

We will also consider providing seller financing through Cottage Grove. We will structure deals on a case by case basis with minimal down payments and reasonable interest rates and terms. Contact us for more information using this contact form.

Legal Council

The final step in buying your property at Cottage Grove is to legally obtain ownership/title to your lot. Most people do not enjoy or like dealing with lawyers, but that all changes when you work with Jarett Kehler. Jarett is not only a professional, well versed real estate lawyer, he is a Cottage Grove lot owner and a very “down to earth” person to work with.